Day Nine

Felt sick when I woke up today cos I thought I had a disease of some kind so every time I had a numb leg or a dizzy feeling I thought it was rabies or dengue or malaria. I was probably just paranoid about all my bites that I’d got in the night and really tired. I didn’t eat breakfast even though I would usually eat loads of the muffins that they had, I couldn’t eat more than two bites.

After yesterday I knew that they wouldn’t give us any breaks so I put loads of sun cream and bug spray on to last me. I donned my bandana on my forehead to keep the sweat from dripping down my face and had my straw hat to protect my head from the sun. I knew I was in for a hard day. Sure enough it was so. They really got our money’s worth, if that makes sense. They had us doing all sorts of stuff, including walking dogs that were nightmares: one had back legs that only worked half the time; one was taking me for a walk; one curls one out and tries to flick it at you so you have to always have eyes on his bum-hole; scabby ones; fighty ones that should be muzzled; a disabled one that craps all over its little wheelchair and then as they clean it with their bare hands I have to hold it up and get skid marks on my t shirt and shorts. I honestly think that some of these dogs should be put down as they have no quality of life. There is honestly a dog who has heartworm so it can’t get too excited—no walks, sat in a small cage away from all other dogs otherwise it will die. Lauren asked why they didn’t put it down (you know its bad when Lauren’s saying that kinda stuff) and they just looked at her like she was a monster. You know that RSPCA advert (or whatever it is) where they say they never put a healthy dog down? These guys never put any dog down, regardless of whether that animal lives a pointless painful life.

Saw lots of animals today; insects with funky coloured shiny backs, a giant millipede, a big green snake trying to eat a lizard, a dung beetle thing and loads of cockroaches.


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